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Snorting powdered drugs (MDMA, speed, cocaine, ketamine etc.) directly from the bag using a straw. A very hardcore method. Common amongst clubbers who cant line it up easily, discreet method.
"fancy a party bag, we wont get caught this way?"
by tachawmw January 19, 2008
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guy 1: hey mate, do you have a party bag with you? I'm taking a girl back
guy 2: no sorry bro, just gamble, she doesn't look too musty
by dogsarefriendly April 28, 2014
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Big round boobs that are the life of the party. Usually more accessable than funbags
"I wen't into the kitchen for another beer, and the next thing you know Sara was banging her Party Bags off my face"
by Benny the chicken killer July 12, 2006
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when you spend an awfull day at work, and your friend too you decided to turn the day better bringing at their home a partybag (put on your marc jacobs bag a huge bottle of champagne, smoked salmon and chocolate)
marine: this day is awfull
laura: same
marine: ok i ll be at your home at 9pm with a partybag
by marinetdc June 01, 2009
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When one blindfolds a drunken man or woman, puts their sweaty scrotum into the receiving mouth and thrusts them in a circular motion whilst performing a partyboy.
Hey Gary, I gave your daughter a wicked partybag after my son's birthday last week.
by Sidekicks of Lousy Shit April 16, 2009
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