to keep hundreds or maybe thousands of girls simmering away nicely, being able to have sexual intercourse with any one of them at any moment, depending on what 'flava' is desired at the time. Fat hoe's, skinny hoe's, fishy hoe's etc..
'what bitch you texting this time James?'.
'just some girl'.
'sure James, whatever, you've been giving it parrott all day and night
by dreve January 4, 2009
When more than one person posts the same comment on a Facebook status, when the answer has clearly been established by the first commenter.

The same goes for Yahoo!Answers.
Karen Smith: What time does Tesco shut today?

Bob Smith: It closes at 2.
Helen Brown: 2
Jack Steele: shuts at two
Jordan Robertson: two i think
Karen Smith: Thanks guys!
Harry Jackson: closes at 2
Jane Jones: two o'clock xxxx
Karen Smith: Thank you.
John Smith: Lmfao, parrotters!
by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named July 14, 2012
He is really sweet and super caring. He is very cute and has an awesome body. His personality is to die for. If you saw him with little kids you would fall fast. You will end up liking him and realize that you have absolutely no chance with him. He always friend zones you, but he is still willing to hang with you. He likes to watch the Office and Danny Duchan. An idea for a birthday present is one of those hoodies that says ¨practice safe sex¨. You will try and get over his gorgeous ass but there is no possible way too. There is just something about him that you cant resist. His horoscope is a taurus and ive found out that taurus matches well with scorpios. So if your a scorpio go find you a Silas thats a taurus because he is a freaking keeper for sure. Oh and did i mention that he is the most genuine guy you can ever meet?
Me: okay fosho... im over silas. i have no chance anyway
snapchat: ¨new snap! Silas Parrott¨
Me: oh shit. here we go again. i kinda wanna be more than friends
by parkviewjr1026 September 15, 2020
In an office situation you rest your cock and balls on a colleagues shoulder.
I was on a call to Zimbabwe, next thing I know I smell scampi fries, I turn around and someone has done the Evil Parrott on me.
by Dave Almighty June 22, 2009
A white boy from deep in the woods that doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks about him. He's usually the one who is the life of the party. But at the same times he knows when enough is enough
Bro did you see Matthew parrott at the party last night that shot got crazy
by The Tennessean April 19, 2019
Sexy sweet. Always caring. If u get a parrotte always take care of it because they are fucking amazing in bed and are fucking sweet in every way. They will do anything for you and then cherish you like a gem.
That guy has to be a parrotte
by Vulkarr June 21, 2017