spanish for an attractive man, or a "Handsome daddy."
My girlfriend says I'm her papi chulo.
by SithlordDarthRPG August 28, 2003
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papi chulo is a witty, attractive, charming confident man.
He is the Man you want to ask: Where you been at all my life? But then you realize that he came at the excact moment u needed him. He's the guy that makes you feel like a woman & he makes u feel like u want to be your Best
by dubb-C April 17, 2010
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A man of Puerto Rican descent. He has the ability to attract many women (Of his race or others) and is believed to be the "Best Guy" around. Symptoms of this word include having: Big Money, Balla, and or having a Mami Chula.
Damn gurl, you see David right there! OMG He's one papi chulo!
by David aka Jessica's Papi chulo October 27, 2004
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the word that a girl screams to
a finassss mothafucka
who you see walking down the hall or the street
while driving in your car and the window is down
or walking or even fucking

Damn baby you a Papi Chulo
I just want to suck on yo dick
by foooyouhorny May 19, 2008
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a fine, cute guy mainly reffered to a mexican cholo; he can also be a sancho or pimp cuz all the ladies want him. Sexy daddy.
Eres mi papi chulo.
by Anonymous October 17, 2003
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A man of latin american descent who can bring a woman to climax with just a kiss on the lips. Preferably in Paris just before sun down 2 blocks from the Eifel tower just as the wind picked up and the leaves fluttered about.
When he kissed me, he sent shock waves down my body which reverberated continuously on my clitorus....he's definitely a papi chulo.
by Ultimate pimp daddy December 14, 2004
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1: One who gets three fat Samoan ladies to freak him at house parties; pimp.

2: See Miten.
Oh my god, that indian guy is sooooo miten! I've found my papi chulo.
by Patrick October 22, 2004
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