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The misspelling of the term pay-per-view.
Or maybe that's what our paper overlords want you to think.
Jimmy: "I can't pay for premium cable, so we'll have to deal with pay-per-view..."
Matt: "Paperview? Already?! Technology has come too far! We're all being watched! My notebook isn't going to kill me in my sleep if I can help it!"
Jimmy: "Dude."
Matt: "What?!"
Jimmy: "Dude. Pay, per view. Pay for each view? The payment system on TV!"
Matt: "Oh. ..Sooo, no paper rebellion?"
Jimmy: "Nope, not today anyway."
Matt: "Oh."
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by Penumant February 15, 2017
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a method of finding out the results or information of a favorite sports team or TV show by reading about it in the newspaper.
Man, I forgot to pay my cable bill last month, so now I have to rely on paperview to see if my team's winning.
by Verno the Inferno December 12, 2006
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thats what happens when you hold a piece of paper infront of something you dont want to see
you get a paperview
I was tired of looking at her face so I went to the printer so I could get a paperview
by Firehoes November 04, 2011
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