A trader who gets scared and sells. Then watches those with diamond hands land the profits
I wanted to hold, but I was a pussy. I had paper hands. I sold early to watch my wife’s boyfriends rich uncles take all the profits
by Sweet Terry January 29, 2021
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Selling a stock or a item, when it is starting to lose value instead of holding it and waiting for it to go up again.
Jerry sold his Bitcoin when it was at 10,000$ because it had a huge dip. Ben kept his Bitcoin stock even after the dip, and now has lots of money. Jerry has paper hands.
by Mattsit February 13, 2021
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Those fucking dumbasses who cannot hold the line and die poor
Karen: this stock will fall Monday! I am selling now!
Average Joe: Hooooold! Put down those paper hands!
by Zhu_gu January 29, 2021
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son of bitch how sold his stocks by getting scared watch CNBC
Paper hander :- oh fuck! SELL SELL SELL.
by runninghorsepru March 13, 2021
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(n) the painfully sexual act performed on a male by a completely sadistic or manly lover most likely a softball player, resulting in emotional scarring, severe burns and skin loss.
That dirty trailer skunk that I picked up at the bowling ally gave me such a sand paper hand job that I bled through my jeans.
by Dr. Thunder Dix December 26, 2011
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