That nigga is on the paper chase fo' sho he got bills to pay.
by d3b+ February 22, 2005
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Aquiring numerous credentials, usually college degrees, in order to procure employment at a company owned and run by a middle school dropout. Paper chasing is the safe alternative to entrepreneurial endeavors. The third alternative would be to settle for mediocrity, the most common path for a human life.
Michael Dell gave up the paper chase to start his own computer company. His vision made the pursuit of a college degree a waste of time. Ironically, most of the entry level positions at Dell require a college degree.
by Texas Man October 2, 2016
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The act of attaining multiple post secondary degrees in spite of only being able to utilize one degree.
Student A: "Hey! I just graduated with a MD/JD!"
Student B: "Cool! So what are you going to do with that?"
Student A: "I dunno. Be a lawyer, I guess."
Student B: "So why bother getting the MD?"
Student A: "Shut up!" (storms out of room.)
Student B: "Paper chase, idiot."
by OK Mayne September 10, 2009
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the act of brutally beating someone and taping it
a bunch of gangstas brutally beat down a random person putting them on the paperchase and video taping the act.
by a;osdi as;d February 16, 2005
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a mans eternal struggle to get money, to get paid.
ive been on the great paper chase ever since my mama kicked me out yo!
by metin johnson July 10, 2010
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A person who only goes after money.
Today the only thing im going to worry about is chasing paper at work.
by Lynntia May 23, 2009
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