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A pantyfan is someone who wets their panties over the person or persons they are fanning over. Alternately, they are willing to throw undergarments on stage. This term is most commonly associated with musician Imogen Heap, but can be used for all sorts of things including but not limited to: musicians, films, stores, electronics, and breakfast pastries.

You do not have to wear panties to be a pantyfan.
The Hideaway Team's Elwoood is Imogen Heap's #1 pantyfan.
by the real TiFF August 19, 2009
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a fan who wets his/her panties over the person or persons after which they fan. (Not a derogatory term.)
1. "omg omg omg i love you omg omg i want to have your babies omg," the pantyfan said.

2. noun: The Beatles had many pantyfans.
verb: Lots of people pantyfanned The Beatles.
by JoyTKP September 24, 2006
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A person who does one of two things when he or she sees a favorite celebrity:

1. Wets their panties out of excitement causing everyone around to flee.
2. Stops, removes underwear, throws it as hard as they can at said celebrity and hopes for the best.
Elwoood wishes he was Imogen Heap's #1 pantyfan, but he's a poser. He doesn't even wear panties!
by TheTrue#1PantyFan August 26, 2009
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