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What a supine woman's panties create from hip bone to hip bone if she's thin enough. A good panty bridge is one that you can actually peek under and see her twat.
My wife is really losing weight, she actually has a panty bridge now!
by ghost July 31, 2003
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the phenomenon on a thin woman of the waist-band of her panties being suspended between her hip bones without touching her concave lower abdomen. This phenomenon is best achieved when the woman is lying on her back. Panty bridges are considered attractive by many not only because they demonstrate the thinness of the woman but, when viewed from the proper angle, provide a view of the top of the woman's vulva/pubic mound.
That model is showing off how thin she is by lying down, sucking in her already tiny abdomen, and creating a panty bridge so deep that a train could drive under it.
by wouldaben December 14, 2010
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