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To win a pissing match.

Pandas do handstands while pissing in order to mark their territory as high as possible so that shorter pandas can not come along and piss over their piss.
I panda'd this thread.
by Dave November 22, 2004
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pronounced 'Pan-derd'
When black or dark makeup such as mascara runs, creating black circles or random blotches beneath the eye so that the fashion victim resembles a panda
"Why didn't anyone tell me I pandad?!" or "I really hope i don't panda tonight, that could be embarrassing!"
by Aimless Penguin January 25, 2006
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1.) The act of getting denied harshly, or getting put down in an excruciatingly horrible way.

2.) When having sexual intercourse an neither of the participants want it.

3.)Getting punched in the eye orifice, both kidneys, arms, legs, and back until bruised to the point that you look like a panda.

4.) Getting told by a cute fat abstinent Asian kid.
Person #1 I heard Mark just ask out Cindy.

Person #2 Yeah, She panda'd him though...

Then she got pissed off for no reason and panda'd the shit out off him...

Person #1 Is Mark alright?

Person #2 No, she started screaming and tried to rip his dick off.

Person #1 Holy shit sounds like they had a panda'd situation.

Person #2 Then he got quadruple panda'd when her boyfriend roasted him.

Person #1 (mind explosion)
by Sexual Harassment Panda Cub December 19, 2009
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Getting killed by Pandaa Eye in Runescape, Clearly the biggest rune pure threat. Mr Comboing Hybrid will send you to runescape hell!
*Logs onto world 65*

Siggyyyy:Dude im going pking wanna come?
Treyvontay:Sure let me hop.
Siggyyyy: Trey wait...
Treyvontay: what?
Siggyyyy: I just got fucn Panda'd
by IMAKEYOULOL July 28, 2010
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A mexican creature long thought to be a myth, resembling a koala. It is characterized by its bushy 'stache and sombrero. Males are normally gray and females are pink. Pandads are reported to have been found in the wild of Mexico, but are rarely seen on account of being endangered. Pandads travel in medium-sized groups called mariachis and can be male or female.
Look! It's Paco the Pandad! He'll save us from Godzilla! -Japanese Citizen

I haven't eaten Pandad for years since the great Pandad extinction. -Mexican hobo
by BRNMan October 18, 2011
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