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1. To throw-up.
2. The Actual vomit.
3. Usually the person then passes out, either in a bed or laying in their own spew.
4. a: To decide you arent keen to do something.
b: Or go home when everyone else is doing fun shit.
c: To go to sleep.
1. "I'm fucked. I'm gunna pag soon......Damn, I just pagged chronicly."
2. "I kneeled down to help him and got pag all over my fresh new threads."
3. "Tom pagged and passed out in the bathroom for the whole night." - Tom is a 'pagger'.
4. a: "I think I'm gunna pag. I dont want to go out anymore."
b: "Where's Tom?"
"He's pagged on us."
c: "I'm gunna pag soon. Ya's better leave."
by ZigZag44 September 24, 2016
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sikh turban worn by keshdari baptized members of the sikh religion
Man that sardaarji has a nice pagg
via giphy
by sardaarji12 February 12, 2018
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