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Paedophilia is a mental disorder in which the affected individual wants to diddle kids. Paedophilia is not a crime, but acting on it is a crime, and as a result being a paedophile is sickening.

There are those that would argue that paedophilia is a sexual orientation, but as Dan Markussen once said, "sexual orientation is defined as a lifelong attraction", which is not possible with paedophilia as children do not stay children for their entire lives.

The reason that child sex abuse is illegal is because children cannot consent. This is false, as children can consent, but they cannot consent responsibly, as their brains are not yet fully developed. This results in them having poor decision making skills, and as a result should not be allowed to make major decisions for themselves such as entering into a relationship.
Paedophilia is fucking sickening.
Fred diddle'd a kid, and therefore is a fucking paedophile.
by Dravaco January 04, 2019
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Paedophilia is described as a mental disorder by standard diagnosis manuals, including the DSM IV and ICD-10.
Paedophilia is not a crime, child sex abuse is.

If paedophilia is a mental disorder, why are we persecuting them and not trying to help them? It makes absolutely no sense.

Also, one last thing. A quote from Dan Markussen. He argues that "sexual orientation is defined as a lifelong attraction, which pedophilia obviously is." Perhaps it's a mental illness and a sexual orientation?
Person #1: I'm a paedophile
Person #2: Oh. Perhaps you should go to the hospital and see if they can help you with your paedophilia?
by capitalizt pig June 08, 2007
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Erotic love for a younger child -- especially one who is sexually immature.
Paedophilia is neither a sickness nor a moral weakness, but as with all variations of erotic love, it should be handled responsibly.
by Anaya August 31, 2003
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From the Greek 'Paedo' which means 'Child' and 'Phile' which means 'Love'
A sexual orientation that has been demonized and criminalized for centuries.

It is simply having a romantic, physical and sexual attraction towards children. It has been heavily misused to compare pedophiles with child molestors. Two different things.
Most pedophiles do not ever molest any children. We have doctor, teachers, artists, policitians, your regular joe, anyone really who is a pedophile.
It is also used to deny children from their own romantic, affectionate and sexual rights.
There are pedophiles just as there are homosexuals. The big difference is pedophiles are todays 'designated perverts' by society in its big, increasing need to hate on someone. The more we keep pedophilia as a taboo and a dark-underground mystery the less we're gonna know the truth behind it.
by Aries2004 April 28, 2005
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