The Chinese Padlock is when you wrap your dick around under you and stick it in your own ass
Dude, running the De-Alerting aff is pretty much giving yourself the Chinese Padlock
by mrfriend6969 August 21, 2009
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A person obsessed with looking up current topics and words in wikipedia. Mainly for the thrill of seeing a padlock and saying to oneself... "Dam, that must be one heated topic"
I'm a full blown padlock chaser, and I'm dam proud of it.
by SiLentThReaD December 14, 2009
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When a girl is grinding on you and has her arms locked around your neck at the same time, making it impossible to escape.
Nick: Wow, did you see Austin last night at the dance? That girl had him in a Dirty Padlock all night!

Evan: Yeah i did, he looked so helpless.
by GFAEV423 September 28, 2010
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A german padlock is when a man inserts his penis into his own anus, thus resembling the locking mechanism on a padlock. This can only be performed with a rather flexible erection, long member and a german state of mind.
-I heard that Günter got lucky last night...

-Thats only partially true, that sick mofo performed a german padlock on himself!
by O-Dogggy May 15, 2008
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Created By Scott @Suavegotimade a COMPLETE douche ; but thas the means a bitch who not giving the pussy up and got a LOCK her pums ; so yu cant get no sex for a WHILEEEEE
Imani Greaves has had a pussy padlock for about 30 years now - LMAOOOOOOOOOOO
by Carlos Arroryo February 3, 2011
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Was once a sign that someone belonged to the BDSM community but has do been popularized by the Alt community.
"Are you into _?"
"No, why?"

"Oh you're wearing a padlock necklace."
by Krose__9560 July 1, 2021
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a catholic or holy person that is a virgin and that wont have sex because they believe in abstinence or wont to save sex for sumone special.
adam: i wanna tap one of those girls
james: not possible, there all padlock catholics
adam: fuck sake!
by funkygayl June 26, 2011
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