To get Warzone wins in bronze lobbies. Extra points for announcing "dub"
Baz: Fancy some stat paddying?
Jezza: Please don't hurt me
by StayingOffLemons August 06, 2021
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A strategy person who refuses to get with the times and instead tries to do other people out of a job by reinventing the world.

Somebody who is innately ANTI-DIGITAL and tries to sneekily recruit followers to this path.
Have you just heard about that underhand tactic by that strat paddy to recruit new followers?
by digi guru November 10, 2010
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A broke guy or girl with nothing to offer but sex.
"Elaine, where are the ballas? There's just a bunch of duck-paddy ass dudes in here."
by mocha_madness March 01, 2015
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flatty paddy day is when all flat people get to show off their flatness and no one can say their flat
August 11 is flatty paddy day
by bdjdbdvdjdk October 16, 2019
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