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Southern California way to say something smells nasty!
Derived from three spanish words; Patas (feet), culo (butt), sobaco (armpit)
Pronounced -paw-qu-so
You walk into a room and it stinks! You say, 'What smells like pacuso?'
by la cuatro June 03, 2007
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this is a mixture of three widely used words in the Spanish vocabulary. These words would be "pata," "culo," and "sovaco." Mainly used to describe B.O.
Dang jigga!! You smell like PACUSO!!
by YoYoYo! :) August 20, 2009
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Spanglish slang - pata + culo + somena
Pa + cu + so = Pacuso.
Pata is foot, culo is ass, and somena is armpit. Used when something smells worse than a
by herskovicmd June 08, 2006
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