Acronym for "Oh Your God". Used to mock people who use omg often. See example.
Person #1: OMG!!11!
Person #2: OYG STFU!
by AngryChicken February 23, 2007
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Oh your God! What an atheist or robot says instead of "Oh my God!"
"OYG!", exclaimed Bender after Leela claimed she was going to elope with Dr. Zoidberg.
by Jules Patterson March 16, 2007
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an acronym that stands for "original young gangsters", which is not quite a gang because its members may come from different gangs, like the bloods and crips, so it is more like a team, though it is mostly composed of black males.
by Franklin27 February 02, 2009
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1. to have an epiphany, of course
guy 1: man i hate orphans..

guy 2: yeah, me too.

guy 1: oyg! what if we set the orphanage on fire and killed them all?!?

guy 2: that's not funny.
by ieraaaa March 05, 2010
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