v. derived from "own".
Usually used in a statement of self-deprecation.
I got sufficiently ownerized by that gnar booter.
by SamAdams January 30, 2005
Someone who is more experiencened in a game than most people and who usualy "owns" them. this is meant by the "owner" killing or beating someone at a game.
Owner: (kills noob)ha i owned u! noob
noob: (dead) damn i just got owned
by Knight Teh Pwnage April 9, 2006
Jeremy. see Destroyer661
The ownerer is the owner of all ownz.
by JerryC December 12, 2004
V. To massively own someone, or to be owned.
"Dude you got ownerized"
"Ownerized by a scout.."
"j00 h4x0r, u 0n3r!z3d me!"
by CS-Dude11223344 April 8, 2004
A device that owned you so hardcore, it has no name.
Player: I just got the smackdown from an ownerizer!
by dnyde February 23, 2005
A fact that you have been owned hard. i.e. defeated pretty bad.
I got ownerized bye Tiller in our last game.
by skabbmannen June 4, 2003
Another form of the word owned.
Dude, Mike go totally owner in the game today!
by Chance9888 October 27, 2008