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When exercising, you push your body to hard and it stops functioning properly. When you are exercising such as weight training, jogging or swimming and you suddenly crap out. You were experiancing aches and pains, but you thought they were just normal "after exersice" pains. It starts out with you working out and trying to push your limits, but then as each workout progresses you slowly feel like you cannot catch your breath, have no appetite (brutal, I know), feel like doing nothing at all (ever), no sex drive, cannot sleep, and you cannot think straight (instead you think gay). Then you one day you cannot get out of bed or you have no energy to "do" everyday life. Feels like life has no point, but you cannot to anything about it.
I said, "John's a freak, man. He only started working a month ago and he's already lifting more than his body weight. He is building muscle like crazy, but he is not getting enough sleep and he is pushing himself to the limit every workout."
John's friend, 'That's rough. Just heard he is laid up in bed with something the doctors said was over-training because he was working to hard. S#!$, man"
by Dr. Painne January 29, 2011
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