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3 definitions by vglleo

To be Drunk and High. The "i" is read like a "y" like in "high".

Synonym and better improved word for cross faded.
Max: "Hey bro have you been drinking?"
Jack:"And smoking dude. I feel so drigh right now".
by vglleo March 19, 2018
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Going out Over Usual Time (out). In short going out out. Means that you are properly having a night out with your friends which most likely includes getting completely wasted and come back home at 6AM.
"Hey are we going out tonight?"
"Not just out man, we're going out out!"
by vglleo January 5, 2018
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The ultimate wake-up routine consisting of shower (water), drying your hair (air), making strong coffee (earth) and lighting a joint (fire). Specifically in this order.
Laura: How are you feeling this morning?
Josh: Great! Was difficult to get up but i'm ready to start the day after my avatar routine.
by vglleo November 23, 2021
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