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Definition of the the house one truly considers home.
Often determined by current residence of living parents.
Example 1
-I live in Dublin, But my home house is in dundalk where my parents live and collect my mail.

Example 2
Bank: i see your applying for this loan and your residence is Lucan Co.Dublin?

Jim: Yes , but my Home house is Dundalk therefore i am eligible for the grant.

Bank: ;) wit ya! say no ,say no more. APPROVED!
by trasheater June 7, 2009
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To go beyond '"out out" and therefore continue a night out to a disco by going out to an after party
Jim: Hey dave you head out out on sat?
Dave: went out out out saturday was at a party in sandras.. meh was ok
Jim: Cool
by trasheater June 7, 2009
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A Slang term for a person or thing that embodies the qualities of "morbidly obese"
Example 1:
Girl:" OMG you see that burger, that so full of calories... totally morbo"

Example 2:
Guy 1: Did you see the big girl tom ended up with last night?

Guy 2:No, was she bad?!

Guy 1: Dude she was Morbo
by trasheater October 15, 2009
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