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A short purple haired boy from the game series Danganronpa. He has a young appearance and is mostly know for his uniquely white outfit and checkered scarf. Ouma is a mischievous kid who enjoys pranks and playing with other people's minds. In the game, he is known as the Ultimate Supreme Leader and claims to run a secret evil organization with over 10,000 members. Whether this is true or not is not clear since Ouma then states after that he might've been lying and that he is a liar. Ouma is also very curious and enjoys teasing the Ultimate Robot of the group, Kiibo, by asking him robo-racist and inappropriate questions. He finds most people boring and if he mentions that you aren't as boring, it is actually a huge compliment coming from him. Although it is irrelevant, Ouma has a unique laugh that is written as "Nishishi" in the Japanese dub which is also the onomatopoeia for a horse whinny. It is later changed to "Nee-heehee" in the English dub.
A: "Hey did you see that kid over there?"
B: "Oh, yeah. That's just Ouma"
A: "Oh. Poor robot, he looks very uncomfortable near him. I wonder what Ouma is doing to him."
by The Fandomonian October 01, 2017
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A little fucking gremlin. An asshole. A fucktard. He's the purple gremlin that we all love. Why do we love him? Who knows. He is universally loved by everyone. If you hate him you will be lynched. He's most commonly shipped with Shuuichi Saihara because yaoi is hot. Yes, Yaoi. Also he's a liar. That's important, I guess.
Person A: "Have you seen ouma yet? he's sooo HOT!!!!11111!!!1!!!!!!!!!11"
Person B:"Calm the fuck down."
by daftpunkinmyass June 22, 2018
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