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Pronounced "ouuAAAAA" (Sometime spelt ouu which is slang)

In the newly developed language created by "SM" this can refer to anything. It can be a noun, adjective, verb, etc. ANYTHING. This gives flexibility to the language of the Oua. The Oua population is only 3 at the moment but will grow in time.

This can also be used in the middle of words, but if it is used in this context then you can only use it once in a sentence.
Verb: "I'm gonna oua that bitch."
Adjective: "Man...that car is really Oua!"
AdVerb: "We should run ouua"

Here is when its used in mid-word:
I like to play the pianOUA.

I think this is sufficient to see how the oua is used.

Now that you know of the oua, its time to oua it up and spread that OUA!!...

by oua May 07, 2008
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