the interior state of a womans genitalia when considerably aroused.
'she was as wet as an otters pocket'
by lee michigan July 9, 2003
When the female your shagging vagina gets extremely wet and slippery with the possibility of her being a gusher!
Last night i stroked my girl hard from behind while playing with her clit and intermitently fingering her arse, by the time she came her cunt was as wet as an otters pocket!
by The Spunk Pistol April 9, 2010
your gurl when she sees Gibby from iCarly
you: wow you’re wetter than an otters pocket rn

your girl: i just watched gibby fall through the ceiling again, wanna roleplay?
A pickup line, usually used by males from the 90's with a cool Mexican mustache and a good hentai girl moan imitation. They usually hit on young people's middle-aged moms (just like Katsura), regardless of how the old woman looks.
Joe: Yo, are you Jojoe's Mom?
Jojoe's Mom: Why?
Joe: Cause you smell wetter than an otter's pocket *very cool wink*
Jojoe's Mom: Omg marry me now
by CoolMexicanMustacheLicker345 August 26, 2020