A lazy eyed, chubby gay man that hasn't come to terms that he is a bottom.
The otter petitioned Dairy Queen to change the name to Dairy King for gender eqaulity. Soon after he got fired for ripping the awnings down in protest
by DoughBoiFresh May 29, 2018
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a little kiddy game me and my cousin used to play whenever i went over to her house and we went to the neighborhood pool to swim. its when you pretend that your an otter, and you take a rock and sorta scrape at the bottom of the pool, supposedly digging up clams. also see sharks and minnows.
me, karen and aaron played otters a few days ago.
by yaoi_fangirl August 12, 2005
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the purest form of tweeky animal ever to slither this great Earth.
Adi, an unusual and culturally-pleasing name, is often misspelled as otter, the fun-loving sea critter with oil-resistant fur. Otter is life.
by pigeon piglet August 17, 2007
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Underage beaver. Females under the age of 18.
i want a otter
by nick May 22, 2004
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a disgusting creature otherwise known as a 'stinking otter'. previously known as the 'skinny otter'. both names are read in an american accent, with sarcasm to show how much you hate them. otters are the enemy of the beavers, which are much cuter with fluffier fur and rounder bellies.
by otterotter June 20, 2010
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A gay man with the body of a snake covered with a pelt fur of body hair. Generally can be found in their natural habitat of gay bars in New York City. An Otter generally adorns itself with cut-off jeans, necktie t-shirts, and mosty likely Posh Spice shirts, all of which skin tight and worn for 11-13 days consecutively.
Oh my god that guy Binky is such an Otter!
by Bummy Baby July 27, 2008
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