To describe a person as fun loving ,carefree. (Noun or adjective)

To otter (verb) is to sleep. Usually on your back similar to how an otter (the animal) floats in the water.

To double otter is to sleep on your back next to someone and hold hands the way otters will do when paired up.
Don't mind her she's an otter, she doesn't stress about anything.

The rain made it a perfect day to otter all day.

We were in a double otter then the phone rang and woke us up.
by Ptolemy72 August 10, 2014
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petite, hypochondriac animal with excessive grooming habits (especially of the feet), and extreme germophobia
Man, that smelly chick's such an otter!
by Bestiebum March 22, 2011
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AN Acromyn for an extremely top secret Emergency Reaction team. Other Tactical Teams for Emergency Responce, aka (OTTER Teams) are a top-secret force of elite military and law-enforcement members with missions so covert and dangerous, even the teams' existence has never been revelaled until now.

OTTER's trace their roots to the Riverine warfare of the VietNam war, and have been active on all continents and regions of the world since that time period.
If you are trying to blow up some of OUR shit, the Mother-fucking O.T.T.E.R.'s will find and kill you......
by OTTER 125974 October 28, 2010
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A sweet ginger and a sexy man saw two sea shrimps holding hands.
"Isn't that an otter?"
"Yeah man, they're the shrimps of the sea."
via giphy
by A-DOG-AND-K-DOG January 31, 2019
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A cute little animal that will rip your face off if approached. Also referred to as Otterton. They sometimes make an audible sound such as... Ertertertertertert

The off-spring of otters are know as baby otters.
"Hey, look its an otter!"

"Watch out if might rip your face off...."

"Oh no, but those Ottertons are just so cute."
by Deathmyst April 08, 2010
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