Filipino term for penis, can be applied to any animals including humans.
Ang gidak-on sa akong oten kay 6 pulgadas. (The size of my penis is 6 incnes.)
by kianblue July 1, 2009
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Oten is a famous delicacy in Davao and also a famous dish in Plaza Bacolod.
Maria, patikim ng oten
by Mark Cepriano June 29, 2019
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Oten is a Bisaya word. Bisaya is a native language in the Visayas region of the Philippines. It means the "penis" or the male genitalia.
Pasupsupa ko sa imong dako nga oten, palihug.

"Let me suck your penis, please."
by sabunhumot July 13, 2023
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Known as a large cheesedog, footlong or a large hotdog.
Hey guys, so today we will cook a delicious delicacy. It is called oten. Yum yum!
by Nomo6 March 20, 2022
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an occurrence that happens 2-3 times a year. It is when Takezo Gozen/KyojinSLAV goes on hiatus for a week or so. People who experience this have the urge to always say oten whenever they can.
Oh no, it's the oten phenomenon... oten......
by KaitoYoshikuni July 8, 2021
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