Someone who only watches anime that appears on Adult Swim. This causes them to believe that they are basically the guru of anime. They will mention commonly known anime like Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, etc.
Rod: Dude! I'm so awesome! I just got through watching Bleach on Cartoon Network! I know everything about anime now!

Todd: <.< Fucking Adult Swim Otaku... *goes back to reading lesser known anime that he thinks makes his awesome*
by SageHiTi April 17, 2011
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An epic gamer who faps at least 20 times a day to anime. He's also never leaves his basement filled with otaku shit. Will be a virgin for life, most already have their VCard at the age of 3 months old
"yo Leon (otaku ver.) come outside" - functioning member of society
"no" - Leon (otaku ver.)
by G7XPOWERSHOT April 1, 2019
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hes a weeb who plays valorant and has the stench of a curry muncher and a mayo monkey he also likes CP
by rayler smith March 20, 2022
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A person possessing chronic otaku syndrome is no regular otaku. They are obsessive over it.

These are the sorts of people which will watch 4 seasons in a few days.

Usually very cool
Person 1: "hey look person3 is watching Attack On Titan season 5"
Person 2:"yoo didnt they watch the first 4 of those in like 5 days?!"
Person 1:"yeah, they're totally a case of chronic otaku syndrome, they got it bad"
Person 2:"damnn"
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he is a sexy weeb and he can pull all the waifus. coolest kid in school and badass. makes me want wet my pants everyday when i see him
he is the most hottest weeb in school ahhh otaku john
by john245boss March 1, 2019
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It's used to someone in love with anime.
- Why do you love anime that much?
-I only have OTAKU ENERGY.
by Mrs.Saya May 16, 2020
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