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A 63 year old manasquan, new jersey nightclub so phenomenal it can only be open 15 weekend nights per year.
"osprey, the" n. where you go Friday and Saturday night, memorial day through labor day, unless you are bottomfeeding at Leggett's

Appropriately named after a native predatory bird, the Osprey is home to "the band room", where an at-capacity nerds night feels like the first time you discovered your own genitals and the "boom boom room", a place where the beats are hard enough and the dancefloor is dark enough to.... make you feel like the first time you discovered your genitals. Either way, you're leaving this meatmarket covered in genitals. A 10 dollar cover charge goes towards maintaing the bizarre murals and mirrors of the BBR as well as a navy seal trainer to keep tommyshortshorts's quads in perfect bronzed shape. If he's not the man you prefer to wet your whistle, then surely euromullet can supply you with the red bull and vodka you need to hump a panama canal sized tunnel through brielle rd beach. The owner's hair looks like she found it in the delorean that's always parked on 1st and she's taking us back in time with her hitleresque ban on flip flops. We thank her, however, for the corpse she hired summer 2009 to mop the floors. But get there at just the right time or you'll be waiting on line til they play "runaround sue".We can only collectively hope that it may last another 63 years... so that our children's children may also open their bud light scented mouths and belt "take me home tonight" into the sea air.
by rooftopbaby September 11, 2009
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