Saudi billionnaire living in Afghanistan (suspected of masterminding the terrorists bombings of two American embassies in Africa in 1998, and the crashing of hijacked planes into the Pentagon and the Twin Towers (WTC) in the USA in 2001, causing thousands of deaths, and the destruction of the famous skyscrapers). Hated most by Americans.

Note: "bin" in Arabic means "son of", so his name means "Osama the son of Laden".
by Fangsta March 18, 2003
Guy:guess What osama bin ladin is??

Guy 2: What??

Guy: Dead!!!
by juanitada 2nd May 2, 2011
A rogue bull elephant that went on a rampage. After taking the lives of 27 people he was name after the terrorist Osama bin Ladin. After a two year rampage lasting from 2004-2006 the elephant was shot although some believe it was the incorrect elephant that was killed and he survived much longer.
I’m boutta go out like Osama bin Ladin the elephant
by PlaneEwe April 21, 2022
An Anal Osama Bin Ladin is a sexual activity where and man whose penis resembles Osama Bin Ladin's beard because of all of the pubic hair is inserted into the women's anal rectum and the hair tickles the vagina in a particular way to make the woman defecate on the man's penis so it now looks like Osama Bin Ladin's muddy beard when he was taken out of hiding.
"Bro I gave Jenny an amazing Anal Osama Bin Ladin and she liked it a lot."
An Oral Osama Bin Ladin is a sexual activity where a man whose testicles resemble Osama Bin Ladin's beard are inserted into a women's anal rectum and the hair from the penis tickles the women in a pleasurable way to make her defecate onto the pubic hair now resembling the way Osama Bin Ladin's beard looked like with mud on it when he was found from hiding.
"Man Jenny let me give her an awesome Anal Osama Bin Ladin and then got mad at me for it later."
by codyflitballzandjakehomo July 21, 2009