The act of an African Male doing a White female from behind, and another African american male doing her in the V.
"Yo i heard Adam got oreo'd"

"Obviously he doesnt have natties.
by Cjl102 June 03, 2011
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When a black guy is locked in a 69 with a white girl and a second black guy throws it in her pooper.
"Hey, your friend is pretty cute. Why don't we go back to my place and make an Oreo?"
by Groucho March 27, 2005
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A sexual positon inspired by the famous Oreo cookie. A caucasian woman getting vertically fucked in the ass and the pussy at the same time by two men of the africanus race.
Blang: "Yo Duwan! Remember when we Oreoed that bitch Wanda last week?"

Duwan: "Yeah nigga, that shit was sweet as the cookie!"
by Ogramac Luap November 19, 2008
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When two black men have sex with one white girl. One penetrates from the front (vaginally), the other penetrates from the back (anally). Thus, resembling an Oreo Cookie.

A specific type of threesome.
Situation 1) Brad: Whoa! Hey there my white friend, Chad!

Chad: Well hello white friend, Brad!

Brad: Say, Chad, did you hear about our white friend who is a girl and whose name is Sally? I heard she totally and 100% Oreo'd last night!

Chad: God she's so fucking hot.

Brad: Agreed!

Situation 2) Black Male 1: Yo, my black brothers! I have some shit to tell you!

Black Male 2: Yes!

Black Male 1: Black Male 2 and myself, Black Male 1, oreo'd with a white female last night!

Black Male 2: God she was so fucking hot.

Black Male 1: Agreed!
by thedoopie December 12, 2010
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