Orea is an overal stunning girl with stunning hair, eyes, body and personality. Just like her name, she is very unique as she is childish and fun but she always has your back and encourages others to do the right thing. Orea is one of the most stylish person you will ever meet and looks good in anything. Orea is the biggest animal lover in the world mostly loving horses, cats and dogs. She is good at sport and likes tennis, hockey, AFL and is crazy about horse riding. If you ever come upon Orea, talk to her because she is a friend you won’t regret making because she always has your back and you can always feel your best when your around her. Orea is usually Croatian, South African or Australian. Orea a family is joyful, fun and kind and usually has a brother.
Orea is a female name of a beautiful, kind soul
by Clare bob July 16, 2018
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