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when a man or woman has a orgasm in a chasm (cave).
The sex driven couple had multiple orchasms as they adventured the tour in Moaning Caverns.
by Dick Cummings March 03, 2007
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An orgasm that is so intense that instead of having the normal grunts and moans, the person experiencing it will procede to shout and yell WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! (heart attacks may ensue)
Oh my god yesterday i had my first orchasm, i though i shat my pants, to my discovery, i had indeed shat my pants
by Buckly April 12, 2007
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The ecstasy a management consultant experiences at the moment he or she creates a new adoption curve, 2 X 2 matrix, acronym, or corporate buzz word. An homage to consultant Geoffrey Moore's concept of the Technology Adoption Lifecycle and the "chasm" that exists between innovators and early adopters of technology.
After grappling all day with how to present the new market strategy to the big client, Simon experienced a powerful orchasm as the last bit of data fit neatly within the parameters of his newly created adoption curve.
by Wagwam May 13, 2011
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