A yorkshire way of saying hello. Hey;Hello;Hi

Can also mean "Are you alright?" if a Y is put before the O to make "Y'Orate?"
Orate. How ya doin?
by dizzy92 July 18, 2010
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Someone who speaks perfect English and uses perfect grammar in their sentences. Not so much that but someone who knows the difference between their, they're and there and when to use them. Also applies with your and you're. Correct use of the apostrophe to show possession is one of the first steps to becoming an orator.
The orator: Death to the illiterate.
by the orator September 3, 2005
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the best online message board ever.
started as a place for fans of the decemberists to meet online.
parker's wife is the best.
by 8675309igotit March 12, 2009
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To have a crazy attitude
Homero es un orate.
Homer is crazy.
by ARI1910 January 19, 2009
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You are to wash your orat before you go to the mosque!!
by anonymous April 8, 2003
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(Latin) Literally, "the speaker has no penis." In rhetoric, an unanswerable comeback to a nominally male opponent who believes in the magical powers of the so-called "logical fallacies" to replace the missing member and thereby to "win" an "argument."
A: Sometimes I wonder if Shakira really is as good as people say she is.
B (triumphantly): Argumentum ad populum!
A: Well met, good sir. However: Orator non penum.
Audience: (Raucous laughter).

A has won the argument.
by Pliny April 29, 2014
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A day where everyone in the apoc community turns gay and have some rough sexual intercourse. Common slangs used in this day is "hop on crim" or "hop on apoc". This day can only be celebrated at December 2nd.
"Happy Orate x pugs x whoz x invest x lil gamer x everyone else lol everyone!"
"You too! wanna hop on crim?"
by pussy nigga balls November 29, 2021
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