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An "orangutang bang" is polyamorous sexual activity undertaken by a individual caucasian female and a troupe consisting of three or more negro males.
So from my room I heard someone say, "Put that big thing in my mouth". I then walked to the kitchen where I found my roommate and several of his friends along with a redhead from the swimming team ensconced. In general terms they were engaged in what could be described as a gangbang. I was invited to join however, I turned down the invitation. Later my friends termed what was occur to be not a "gangbang", but an "orangutang bang".
by Darker September 11, 2010
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Two people, straight or gay, who are wild within sex; Preferably two girls named Fiona and Nicole.
Usually has long or thick pubes.
"I had the best Orangutang Bang last night. Her long pubes made me wild!"
by Sexy Mexy March 24, 2007
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