A Jacket that when worn gives the user unusal traits of rage , raping , texas redboning , kieran beating and alison loving originally derived from the french word storm now adopted to alan willyson as his trademark.
oh my fucking god that alan just unleashed an orage on kierans anus
by Fraser ''Gay'' McDonald March 6, 2009
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Orag, or better known as Mr. Orange is a type of Vegetal that is often mischievous and is known for traveling throughout the universe with Meme man. Can also be used as a synonym for orange.
Dang it Jerry, you just killed that poor, defenseless Orag!
Orag is a very flattering color.
You fool! Orag is also a color!
by caeden045 December 29, 2017
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A guy that is an orange! But he orage!!!
he likes the Birdkeepers Discord.
Yo! Hes Orage!
by Orahe April 3, 2021
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A french word used very commonly by the canadians to say that something is really attractive
Ce fromage il etait tellement orage musculaire
english:This cheese was really attractive
by poufdsvh June 17, 2008
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Wow, you somehow found your way here dumbass! Time for your internet privileges to die.
No: Hey man can you get me an orage?
Name: Did you really just misspell orange?
No: *reaches over to wipe forehead*
Name: *Slaps hand away* Don't you fucking dare touch my forehead. Anyway, how did you misspell orange? We're talking in real life.
No: I hate autocorrect.
by Aple12345678 February 13, 2022
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Did you really just spell orange wrong and now your searching it...??? Well might as well tell you
Terry: I love eating orages
Lola: Huh?...,You mean oranges
Terry: Oh yeah stupid autocorrect
Lola: But Terry we're talking irl
Terry: What
Lola: What
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A hot baby named orager, winner of troc 3
ryx: orager my beloved

Mark: shut the fuck up about orager you nut sock.
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