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national fuck someone until you get arrested for noise complaints
mark: It’s may 29th.
dog: no please
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A hot baby named orager, winner of troc 3
ryx: orager my beloved

Mark: shut the fuck up about orager you nut sock.
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canada A
by MeAndTheBoysDrinkingBEANS June 10, 2021
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The brown gayming oc
the reason why you should buy this pc is becus its for the winners and yo dont have to pludg it into de wall, we look inside de pc, you see dat its nuclear powered, en even tho the side effects are major pp shortening, so yeah get the Brogayrn! to


Mart: Ayo Mark, you got the brown?
Mark: yeah!
Mart: you’re fucking retarded, that dumbass pc has 500 Fps, the STA has 8000, you dumb sack of shit.
Mark: cries
Ryx: Mark, why did you nut on my STA?
Mark: uh
Mark: i thought the Brown gayming pc was cool
Mart: nah, you’re just retarded.
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“And that is a boner on my part, when I was your age, I made some huge boners. Boners that i wish i could get back now.”

“I don’t think he knows what boner means.”
by MeAndTheBoysDrinkingBEANS December 21, 2021
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