Optimus Prime burned down an orphanage while eating beef jerky and cutting down the rain forrests. Then some femminists came up to him and started their bitching, so he starting punting them across the yard. Then he went to a feminists meeting and started shooting them with lazers that came out of his eyes and making then run back to their men for protection since women are weak. Then his gf started bitching him so he slapper her upside the head and she cooked him some dinner.
by The fucking man. February 06, 2004
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awesome-ness, perfection
i.e. optimal and prime = optimus prime
also, the bad-ass dude from transformers who is optimus prime.
-I just jumped over that building!!
-OMG!!! Optimus Prime!!
by smile808 September 07, 2010
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A character in Transformers absolutely admired by a person with the name of Vedanth
OMG I love Optimus Prime
by G005E August 21, 2017
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Leader of the Autobots, Someone who is an unstoppable dynamo in a multiplayer game.
That fuggin' motha' fugga' neva' fuggin' DIES!!!!! AAAAAGGGGHHH!!!!!
by Daren Ebacher November 22, 2004
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