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A snowball/softserve stand in Catonsville, MD where everyone goes to hang out on summer nights. It is far superior to, and cheaper than the much less popular tastee zone. Owned and operated by Catonville's finest.
"hey, what're you up to?"

"nothing at all, want to meet at opies?"

"yeah, i'll be there in 5!"
by zxcvb1234 February 05, 2009
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a place where teenagers in catonsville meet up in order to smoke or sit around and be gay.
skater guy: hey are we trying to chill today?

hollister chick: yeah! let's meet up at opies.

skater guy: sounds chill. we can smoke some shit there too.

hollister chick: hell yes!
by leah clearwater July 10, 2008
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