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A store with a peculiar odour created by the used clothing and household items within. Fabulous for unique fashion finds, or curiosities for the kitchen that are not to be found in your general retail outlet. Unfortunately, these treasures are few and far between, and can only be found by rummaging. Once a treasure is discovered, it boosts one’s endorphin levels, thus creating euphoria which can last for hours or days, depending on the perceived value of the find (and relative purchase price). Repeat discoveries of this nature will lead to the addiction of op shopping.
Girl #1: I love your shirt.
Girl #2: Isn’t it gorgeous? You know it’s Scanlan.
Girl #1: Serious?
Girl #2: You won’t believe this... but I found it at the op shop.... $7.50.
Girl #1: Oh. My. God. I am sick with envy.
by Grounds September 08, 2008
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opportunity shop, also known as thrift shop... or goodwill. where you buy stuff people have donated to charity.
st vinnie's is an op shop, as is the salvo store.
by orgabulator June 06, 2004
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OpShop, Opportunity shop or thrift store.

A brick and mortar shop or shed full of eclectic treasures donated by community minded people at cheap prices usually run by an organised charity to help raise funds for a cause.

A place to offload unwanted brand new gifts that makes you feel like you’ve helped others.
I’m off to the OpShop to fmd a bargain.
by OpShop Queen March 04, 2018
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