oogabooga - a word used in the times of cavemen, means hello, good-bye, how are you, wassup. really anything you want it to. use it with different expressions to mean different things.
oogabooga? oogabooga! oogabooga.
by pokemontrainer#274 June 20, 2011
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It is a reference to an old story; three men in the 1800s were in the African safari looking for treasure. They were captured by African tribesmen and were given two options. 'Ooga booga or die.' The first man chose ooga booga, and came back two hours later crawling back, pleading the others choose death. Though he did not explain. Then the second man thought, 'Well, I have a family, so I choose ooga booga.' He also came back scarred for life and did not explain what happened to him. The third man said, 'Well, this is very harsh. I'll choose death.'

And so it was. 'Death by Ooga Booga' the Chief Leader said.

And then he learned the ooga booga is when all six hundred tribesmen pulled down their pants and fucked the man in the ass for a couple hours.
"I'd rather chose death by oogabooga than working with you bitch!"
by EatSpicyPies November 29, 2017
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a sound effect that makes anything and everything better
*boring conversation* + oogabooga = epic
by teeeaaaaaa August 28, 2021
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the language our ancestors used when they still fucked eachother
oogabooga lets fuck
by blanketninja123 March 14, 2018
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a word for in which has no meaning to it. It leans towards an onomatopoeia, and is often used in horror movies. Yet, if you put them in horror movies, i bet they won't take you seriously that much. Thus, you often see it in little kids movies, or some idiot on the street is trying to scare you. That is the point where you walk away and laugh at them.
Person A: Omg, we are in a haunted house
Person B: Oogabooga!
Person A: Nevermind.. this is a waste of our time.
by Echankodomo January 1, 2010
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To Ooh-Ga-Boo-Ga is to be at peace with yourself and your surroundings.
He lives a life of Ooh-Ga-Boo-Ga. Oogabooga is a common mis-spelling.
by Mark McVey April 10, 2008
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The mating call performed by the female when doing the schabooboo. Starts out quiet then gets louder, and louder till the male can not stand it. It puts the mail in a trance, so the female can perform bondage on him.
Michele yelled oogabooga and performed bondage on Matt....
by Mr. Credo February 12, 2004
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