A person or thing that is very unusual, special, or admired by someone who is ethereal and rare, but most importantly gifted in more ways than one can imagine
One in a billion refers to someone who is in this world but not of it, he or she is set apart and consecrated, they are blessed by yahuah.
by Spokentruth November 9, 2019
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A better way to say "one in a million" because there is around seven billion people in the world and you believe that he/she is the one for you.
May: How much do you really love me?
John: I love you very much?
May: Do you think I am your one in a million?
John: No, you're my one in seven billion. Will you marry me? -shows ring-
May: Yes!
Then they got married and had kids.
by World of Wordcraft January 7, 2016
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When you agree one billion percent. To be used in any context
Q: “We still on for the chill sesh later?”
A: “One billion.”
by mooseknuckle96 April 11, 2023
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John: Dude, that guy is worth one billion dollars.
Rob: Wow. That's a fuckload.
by skunker September 19, 2009
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