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Medium brown skin is when your skin tone is in the middle, your not dark or light, you have green veins, your skin has golden or yellow undertones .

For Example: Aaliyah haughton is Medium Brown like Megan good.
For example: I'm medium brown not light or dark I'm in the middle .
by Spokentruth October 24, 2019
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Melanated culture influences people from different backgrounds worldwide and for that reason, melanated culture has created many different genres that non melanated people profit from today.
Melanated culture has created all musical generes which include pop, rap, disco, classical , jazz, R&B, reggae, funk, doo-wop, hip-hop, and Motown, soft rock, heavy metal, dub step, and country music.
by Spokentruth July 05, 2020
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The Melanated race are the brown copper people in America labeled as black with skin tones ranging from Light brown, Medium brown, Dark brown, beige and high yellow.

I'm melanated not black, there's a difference, the word melanated refers to the various shades of brown and there are many shades of brown
For Example : Black stands for Civiliter Mortuus which means dead in the eyes of the law that's why (Melanated race) should be used to replace the terms (black race)
by Spokentruth October 22, 2019
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Melanated woman are level headed pro like minded Melanated woman who support each other and know how to stay on code, they stick together and dont talk down on each other.
Melanated woman care about the psychological and physical wellbeing of Melanated woman and girls alike their lives matter and they're not afraid to have Preferences or Options they put theirselves first and practice hypergamy.
by Spokentruth July 07, 2020
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Intercultural people tend to join as one and come together putting their differences aside and respecting cultural differences.
Intercultural people create loving unions and become one in marriage .
by Spokentruth November 29, 2019
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intracultural people are most members Within the same culture or group who share similar characteristics.
I'm intracultural not intraracial my people share the same culture but we don't share a race, it has no biological meaning and it's not real . Afterall, it's a socially engineered, social construct and therefore we don't adhere to it.
by Spokentruth January 05, 2020
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Monocultural society excludes external cultural influences and practices only the traditions of one culture, usually a very undiluted society.
I'm Monocultural not Monoracial, it's the opposite of Race /Monoracial in general , we don't identify with race, it's a social construct after all.
by Spokentruth November 29, 2019
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