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Medium brown skin is when your skin tone is in the middle, your not dark or light, you have green veins, your skin has golden or yellow undertones .

For Example: Aaliyah haughton is Medium Brown like Megan good.
For example: I'm medium brown not light or dark I'm in the middle .
by Spokentruth October 24, 2019
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Bicultural people identify with being a combination of two cultures, coming from two different cultural backgrounds .
I'm bicultural which means I come from two different backgrounds instead of being Monocultural and only coming from one background.
by Spokentruth November 30, 2019
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Culturecist are people or individuals who show hatred and bias towards other cultures or a single culture.
That man and that lady are Culturecist They hate intercultural people and other cultures and they believe that other Monocultural groups should stay separate from their own people and never integrate or become one union.
by Spokentruth December 15, 2019
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Raceless is when individuals choose not to identify with any race because race in itself is a social construct that Caucasians created in order to maintain their superiority and look down upon people of other backgrounds and maintain white supremacy and hatred.
I'm raceless which is equivalent to Araciality, therefore I don't identify with any race which includes monoracial, Biracial, Triracial, Multiracial. Etc

I chose to identify with culture instead of race, it makes much more sense and now people can identify with culture and use terms like Bicultural, Multicultural, Tricultural, GriffeCultural, Quadcultural, Octocultural and Monocultural.
by Spokentruth December 15, 2019
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Quadcultural people come from four Cultures instead of coming from three cultures .
I'm Quadcultural not Tricultural meaning I come from four Cultures instead of three unlike Tricultural people.
by Spokentruth November 30, 2019
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Before America was called America it was known as Amaruca.
“Amaruca is literally translated ‘Land of the Plumed Serpents, in variation: ‘Land of the Great Plumed Serpents.”
The original name for America was Amaruca/Turtle Island.
by Spokentruth October 26, 2019
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intracultural people are most members Within the same culture or group who share similar characteristics.
I'm intracultural not intraracial my people share the same culture but we don't share a race, it has no biological meaning and it's not real . Afterall, it's a socially engineered, social construct and therefore we don't adhere to it.
by Spokentruth January 5, 2020
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