The best movie ever, released in 1985, starring Jim Carey.
It is a hilarious comedy about a horny countess vampire who needs to suck the blood of a male virgin 3 times before Halloween. When she ends up biting an 18 year old virgin named Mark, he starts becoming a vampire too! He hisses at the little kids and when he has those romantic dreams about the countess. The countess' little tricks are very amusing (e.g. foot trick in the dream and the spreading the legs apart one at the end.) RENT THIS MOVIE!!!! you and your friends will be raving about it for days and days later!

once bitten is the best movie ever made. vampire fans will especially like it
by Laurennnnnnnnn August 21, 2006
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orignally to dog bites, now means that once somebody has gotten hurt or had something go wrong will be afraid to try it again (especially in love)

If you fall in love with someone and that someone rejects or hurts you-once bitten-you may be very, very reluctant-twice shy-to let yourself fall in love again.
elle was once bitten twice shy since her last relationship.
by vitalia November 28, 2006
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Phrase describing:

1. anyone who has let a person into their life, heart, etc. who has royally fucked their shit up _ and now has a cold,bitter,playa heart for any new relationship

2. to be emotionally-raped so badly that the free world must pay for the afflicted persons pain; all new prospects will undoubtedly suffer.

3. When you can't forgive or trust anyone (even the smallest injustice)

4. To shut out anyone you might actually have a shot with due to past hurts and/or past mistakes

5. Being alone for the rest of your life

M: -That guy over there has something special going on
E: -Dont go there. He's once bitten forever shy
M: -Damn...that's such a shame, he looks like a real keeper
E: -Dont hold your breath my friend
by casualobserver December 1, 2013
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This is an abbreviated sentence:

Once your are bitten by a dog, you will be twice as shy about approaching that same dog again.

Metaphorically, the concept applies to more than just dogs. Such as cats.
"Once bitten twice shy, babe." -- bad 80's song.
by Pickles McGee Sr. March 18, 2017
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