Rubbish, unwanted waste, Nash Grier, Magcon, unnecessary items, no longer wanted waste
"What's the guy who looks like he has a pencil up his butt"
"Trash Grier, I think"
by Handle1234 September 29, 2014
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Phrase used to describe an activity, occurrence, event or a look that is less than desirable, somewhat deserves praise but you don't want to give it any, or is just plain wack.

Synonyms: hot garbage, straight trash
1. "Hey, you saw Larry Hughes dropped 50 last night on the Kings!" "Hughes? That's trash."

2. "Check out my new skinny tight Levi jeans, this is the style man" "That is straight trash!"

3. "Bush just cut federal spending on education." "Wow, that's trash."

4. "What are you watching?" "VH1's new Ray-J find love show." "That show is hot garbage (or trash)."
by PSUGrad06 April 8, 2009
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The show Riverdale. Comple and utter crap, should not exist in this world.
I was scrolling through Netflix last night and started watching trash
by sundintoronto March 18, 2017
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To beat someone in a game or competition, completely destroying, owning, or shutting them out.
Rob: Yo Byron I bet you can't see me in Madden!
Byron: Motha fucka I will trash you.
by SystemF December 20, 2006
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Going through dumpsters and/or trash cans looking for interesting stuff that was thrown out, like credit card carbons (when they were still used) personal or financial information about someone or a certain company, old computer parts, telephone manuals, etc...
I went trashing at Ma Bell and found out why red boxing works
by Phender August 19, 2003
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