without the proper knowledge or equipment, especially when you haven't thought through what it is you are going to do.
one friendly word of advice, do not go camping in the middle of beantown on broken wings
by Sexydimma December 9, 2016
Most often, someone emotionally scarred, or emotionally damaged beyond the point of repair.

Often used in a derogatory way to describe a girl with a lot of emotional issues.
I tried to make things work, but she's got too many issues. Girl is a broken wing.
by urbantsp December 26, 2011
A great band that really stands our from others. The screaming is some of the best ive ever heard. Just a great band they are coming back hopefully soon.
Bad freakin band that noone knows of.
by N!nja June 1, 2005
One of the most fucking amazing bands out there, with probably the least recognition. They're from Massachusettes, and have been around for about 10 years. They've been banned from a large number of venues across the United States because they promote crowd violence. They use the self-label of "moshcore", which is fucking sick.
"Frozen Over by On Broken Wings has one of the sickest breakdowns I've heard in awhile."
by roughly40beavers October 11, 2009
Damn..... Did you see that broken wing..... Im onna take that tonight!
by Sbarns July 29, 2018
A British phrase used to gently address the fact that a woman or group of women have mental health issues or other problems. It's often used to discourage men from dating women that others can see have emotional baggage.
Alfred's mother - Alfred is such a good kid I can't belive how he's had the worst luck with women.

Alfred's mothers friend - You should talk to him he's too nice he's attracting Birds with broken wings.
by Max1984Harper October 10, 2022