"Blast", he shouted as he hit his foot on the door
by Sara M. Seanez July 3, 2005
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Getting owned in the face. Being shown you are inferior by way of domination or ownage. Owning someone and being political at the same time. Swinging your cock around over your head at someone.
I blasted on this guy at work. I just blasted on a guy in an e-mail. Blasted on SON! Jason H. Just got Blasted on!
by SpRoUsA March 19, 2008
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1. shoot with a firearm
2. to snort, sniff, or blow up ones nose. refers to a powdered drug
1. "Didn't have to blast him, but I did anyway..."
2. She blasts adderall.
by Lila January 18, 2004
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To verbally or physically assault someone.
"I blasted her for leaving my window open when it was raining."

"Did you see that punch!?" "Yeah, that guy got blasted!"
by Formz May 29, 2008
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Violent diarrhea. Most commonly found on public rest room walls, floors, or on the back of toilets. Also known as “AMD” or “Almost Made it Diarrhea” it occurs when a person with diarrhea is in dire need of a rest room and almost makes it to the toilet bowl, but ends up shitting all over everything else in the stall.
Did you clean the mens room? Hell no! Someone had blast all over the place in there.
by M. Jordan January 18, 2008
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A polysemant word, to be excited for, to agree with. Can be used as a verb or state of being.
Hey, downtown tonight? Blast.

Are you drunk? Dude, I'm blasted.

What are you doing later? Trying to blast, you?

You were in the bathroom for a while, did you poop? Yea, I had to hit a quick blast.
by blastyboi September 24, 2018
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