An amazing show. When the world was radiated people were sent to space stations, eventually coming together making 1 huge space station (The Ark). When 100 prisoners are sent to the ground after 3 generations, who knows what could happen?
Me: Did you see the new episode of The 100?

Person: Whats that?
by NetflixAddict February 21, 2016
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The most amazing TV series you have ever seen in your entire life with an amazing love twist
#1 : "Hey do you watch the 100?"
#2 : "Fuck yea! Only dumb ass people don't watch it."
by bitcheslikemyfanny January 19, 2016
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An incredible sci-fi TV show based on a book by Kass Morgan.

The show is about 100 kids who come back to a radiated Earth from a space station and try to survive on the ground. They meet friends and enemies along the way and try to adjust to life on Earth. The 100 is set in the future when nuclear bombs were set off and everything on Earth died. Luckily, there where some people in space stations and they survived the attack. All of the space stations realised that the world was doomed so the banded together to make a huge station called the ark. The ark was predicted to sustain human life for 100 years. 90 years later, The ark isn’t making enough recourses for everyone on it. So the leaders of the ark send 100 kid degenerates down to Earth to see if it’s survivable, one of these kids being Clark Griffin who is the main character in the show.

The 100 is a story that will make you laugh, cry and scream. It’s a show for the ages, that’s now streaming it’s 6th season. You can watch the first 5 seasons on Netflix and you won’t regret starting the show.
Person 1 - Hey, have you started watching the 100?
Person 2 - No, is it good?
Person 1 - Are you insane? The 100 is the best TV show ever! You have to start watching it!
Person 2 - Alright, I will
by Lucy_is_a_word_child June 17, 2019
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no doubt about it; cempletely; totally; for sure; of course; naturally; in an expected way or order
can be used before, in middle, or at end of sentence, however you see fit.
1. 100% I wanna have sex with that girl!
2. someone says or does something you're excited and happy to hear: friend: I think we should go out tomorrow night You: '100% we will!"
3. hell yeah! 100%
by Homeyazz November 4, 2005
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yo i keeps it 100, ya-feel me.
by really1real July 23, 2008
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