Looks like mom friend Old Joe came over last night.
by Steve September 12, 2003
A shady, creepy male. Funny looking, dodgy walking and just the biggest cunt you'll ever meet.

Mainly found around play grounds, parks and leisure centres. Usually lurking about in the shadows.
- Oh look i can see a 'Joe Rosser' walking towards that little boy.

- I see he's up to his old tricks again waltzing around the nursery, thats what you call 'A Dodgy Old Joe'.
by MyVeryOwnPseudonym November 22, 2010
When a maple wank gets shoved under a clock tower from Tory tower and spat on three times and when the clock tower strikes a student from maple wank fails their degree
“Oh so, you’re a freshers rep, I’m going to shove you under the tower and do a dirty old joe on you”
by Torytower June 21, 2020
The most evil granny ever who hits you with her walking stick every time you pass her.

Joe isn't even a female name.
Oh no, let's run, it's old granny Joe again!
by Griggles October 19, 2020
either your a obsessed gumball fan (like me) and searched up old joe windy pants that nicole said in an episode, (specifically “the game”) and you’ve also searched up meat snowman surprise.
nicole: “yes it’s an old recipe, invented by my grandfather, old joe windy pants1!1!!1!1”
*family all laughs*
by a weirdo who likes tawog January 6, 2023