(Ven-er-ell) Adjective - Made or done with great care or much detail.

Synonyms include sophisticated, complicated, detailed, elaborate, ect.
"We're gonna have a little get together after the concert- nothing too veneral."
by A Lil Lemon December 22, 2021
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something that everyone mutually agrees to not fuck with because man they respect the absolute shit out of it
The opposite of venerated would be a fucktard.
by urbofun17 May 30, 2017
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relating to or resulting from sexual activity.
What did the Doctor say?
He said I had a disease and that it is venereal.
by slater56 January 14, 2010
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worthy of respect or reverence by reason of age and dignity, character, or position
My grandma is venerable, and deserved respect from my friends.
by Morgan tee January 29, 2008
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Great respect or awe ..... that would be inspired by the dignity, wisdom, dedication , or talent of a person
My veneration for you I have is very strong.
by Poetic one March 1, 2017
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