you use the words for thinks thats okay.
Its okei for u to come over to my house this evening =)
by Heinzor November 24, 2006
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When you give consent begrudgingly, questioningly, or in an uncomfortable manner.
Her: so what do you do for work?

Him: do you want to come meet my cows?

Her: Umm... okey?


Her: You’re cute for a fat guy.
Him: Umm... okey.
by CrazyDazey May 02, 2020
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A way of saying "Ok' in a cuter, or, babyish way, spoken by many around the globe. The type of speech was created by the "IAm" Group, many peoples role models,
Lucy sadly flopped onto the couch, her mascara pouring down her face. "Lucy!" Bella required, "Are you okeis ?"
by Awesomize August 28, 2012
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Fox: "Come at me!"
Ness: "Okey"
Fox: "Let's go."
Ness: "Okey"

*they head to the carnival and have a fun time*
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The act of pressing up on the dpad 10000 times after killing a person as ness
PK FIRE!!!!!!! *hits with bat* Okey
by Negro Testies August 18, 2019
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