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When millennials start saying some ignorant and closed minded, and hypocritical things and Zoomers are tired of their behaviour.
Millennial: Young people these days should care more about the environment. *continues to use plastic ramen bowls and styrofoam takeouts*

Zoomer: ok millennial
by GretaThunbergIStheFUTURE October 29, 2019
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the proper response to moments when millennials do dumb millennial shit but think they're better than the other generations, specifically zoomers, despite being objectively the most annoying generation in human history.
Zoomer: ugh I want to die
Millennial: ACTUALLY suicide jokes perpetuate ancient standards of bigotry and racism. educate yourself child.
Zoomer: ok millennial
by youaremumghey January 22, 2020
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when boomers don't like "ok boomer" so they play the reverse card
Millennial: ok boomer

Boomer: *this is so offensive omg >:(((* oK mIlLeNnIaL
by ayunami2000 November 03, 2019
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